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"Barry Abramson is a skillful and honorable deal maker who is responsive to his client's wishes and goals..."

Jeanne Du Bois, Executive Director

Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation

"Thank you for Abramson & Associates’ services on our TeleCom City/River’s Edge and Government Center projects. Abramson & Associates’ real estate expertise was critical to our efforts in these major public-private redevelopment projects, helping us to ensure efficient and irreproachable RFP processes, understand real estate potentials, costs and benefits, and negotiate the best deals possible..."

Richard C. Howard, Mayor, City of Malden, MA
Stephen M. Wishoski, Executive Director, Malden Redevelopment Authority


The firm’s work is distinguished by:

  • Personal, hands-on consultation providing the most cost- and results-effective approach for complex projects and processes.  The firm’s president, with over 35 years’ experience, provides a single point of contact with thorough knowledge of the project which can prove vital in negotiations and presentation to public decision-makers and community interests.

  • Evaluations and strategic planning which are reality-based, homing in on the salient issues and means of understanding them, informed by primary research with market participants, and extensive implementation experience, rather than cookie cutter studies cluttered with data and analyses not truly on the critical path to reaching meaningful conclusions.

  • An ability to synthesize and effectively communicate complex options, strategies, and analyses, and their implications in presentations that facilitate understanding and informed decision making.

  • Straight-forward, respectful, and ethical dealings with clients, stakeholders, transaction participants, and other involved parties.

  • An understanding of and sensitivity to the planning and policy framework and objectives of our public and nonprofit clients and the often challenging community and political environment of public-private projects.

  • A focus on working on behalf of public and community interests, motivated by a sense of mission and satisfaction in helping such parties navigate the treacherous waters of the real estate sector, while also yielding the benefit of avoiding the reality or perception of conflicts of interest which could compromise such efforts. 

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