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"Bravo and thank you for your guidance and expertise resulting in yet another successful public/private joint venture. Your leadership in drafting Requests for Proposals, analyzing proposals, and negotiating business terms made certain the projects were viable for the developers, lucrative for the City, and supported by the public. Your business acumen and development expertise allowed the City to negotiate on equal footing with the developers resulting in deals in which the City received favorable and reliable long term income streams plus participations in upside, while accomplishing important community objectives. While the City is proud of the success of these projects, we were able to accomplish these efforts because of your services, which paid for themselves many times over in dollars and results."

Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark, AICP, CEcD Development Director, City Manager, City of Coral Gables, FL

"Barry Abramson is a skillful and honorable deal maker who is responsive to his client's wishes and goals and explains complex concepts for informed decision making. Barry was instrumental in development of the Spire facility at 65 Bay Street. Barry's experience, intelligent weaving of the complex deal, and ability to explain the nuances to the project's many lenders and equity funders gave them confidence to both invest and increase their involvements in the project. His negotiations with the end user on the intricate lease agreement created a "win-win" for both sides."

Jeanne Du Bois, Executive Director, Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation

"Thank you for Abramson & Associates’ services on our TeleCom City/River’s Edge and Government Center projects. Abramson & Associates’ real estate expertise was critical to our efforts in these major public-private redevelopment projects, helping us to ensure efficient and irreproachable RFP processes, understand real estate potentials, costs and benefits, and negotiate the best deals possible..."

Richard C. Howard, Mayor, City of Malden, MA
Stephen M. Wishoski, Executive Director, Malden Redevelopment Authority

“Through your incisive analysis, you were able to clearly identify and demonstrate not only the financial impacts of various development schemes, but to show how maximum public benefit could be derived from our project. Your calm, approachable presentation style coupled with your ability to communicate in a manner that those not versed in either planning or finance could easily understand, opened many minds allowing us to make significant progress moving our project forward. Without question, you were an instrumental member of our team, integrating the many complex physical, permitting, legal, and community issues along with the real estate and financial issues helping us to fully understand options and strategize implementation. We always felt you were 100% committed to our effort and our success.”

James Shanley, Chair, Newburyport Redevelopment Authority

"Thank you for the expertise and diligence you provided in bringing the Committee, the City and the developer together in a complex set of discussions to negotiate a framework for successful development of this vital downtown waterfront site. Your expertise in real estate and public-private development assisted our citizens advisory committee and the City to: ground our effort in development realities; negotiate a deal to maximize fulfillment of the community's vision; and safeguard the City from pitfalls not always readily apparent. In a highly sensitive public process, you expertly assisted the Committee and public officials with diverse backgrounds and concerns to understand complex technical real estate development concepts, helping us all to reach agreement and approval of the development plan."

Jack Mettee, Chairman, Cochecho Waterfront Development Advisory Committee, Dover, NH

"Thank you for your assistance on the Community Maritime Park project. Your insightful evaluation of the draft lease and development agreement identified serious concerns and opportunities for improvement. Your expertise, creativity, and forceful advocacy of the public’s interests in the negotiation resulted in a deal that saved the City millions of dollars in publicly funded improvements, set staged land sale pricing that would improve as the development market recovers, locked in requirements to fulfill the community’s vision and maximized flexibility and control in the relationship with the private master developer. We also appreciated your dedication in an intense process, your sensitivity to the political dynamics of the project, and your ability to communicate complex concepts in a manner enabling well-considered pubic-decision-making.”

Al Coby, City Manager, Pensacola, FL

Thaddeus Cohen, Community Development Director, Pensacola, FL

“Abramson & Associates provided financial feasibility analyses and development strategies for major downtown projects that were far more incisive than anything I have seen produced by other economic development or real estate consultants. Barry gave our projects his sustained personal attention and… when his work was concluded, we understood our projects’ feasibility from both the municipal and private development perspectives with analyses and strategies that were grounded in real world commerce, wise to the politics of municipal decision making, and which provided a common sense approach for moving forward.

Joyce Moss, AICP, Executive Director, Natick Center Associates, Natick, MA

"Abramson & Associates provides a valuable resource to the CDC community for commercial, market rate housing, or other development projects that may be outside the mainstream of our usual efforts. Barry Abramson brings to this work expertise in these real estate sectors as well as an understanding of the CDC development environment and how to put together complex public-private financing deals and developer joint ventures."

Ann Houston, Executive Director, Chelsea Neighborhood Developers

"Abramson & Associates provided outstanding service, both in terms of the creativity and pragmatism of its work and the personal dedication of its principal. Abramson's assistance enabled us to realistically identify opportunities and deal from a position of knowledge with the development community. He was able to cut through the layers of complexity to get at the essence of alternative approaches and proposals and understand how a deal can be shaped and how far it can be pushed to get the most for the public while still working for the developer. I also valued his ability to present to our CRA board in a way that provided confidence to make well-informed decisions."

Christopher Brown, Partner, Florida Main Street LLC

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the role you have played as our development consultant on our Paragon Mills project in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence, RI… We are so appreciative of your commitment to stick with this project long after many other consultants would have concluded their involvement and moved on… We are so appreciative of the experience, skills and wisdom you have brought to this effort. For a neighborhood based developer undertaking a very significant commercial development for the first time, your presence on our development team has been vital to our success."


Frank Shea, Executive Director, ONE Neighborhood Builders

"Abramson brought significant quantitative and qualitative analytical capabilities to two very different, very complicated projects in Natick. The firm's ability to work within and improve the Town's vision for these sites helped resolve the issues that inevitably emerge in any project, and improved our work in meaningful ways."  

Stephen P. Lisauskas, Deputy Town Administrator, Town of Natick, MA

"Your ability to see the big picture as well as your attention to detail was a significant benefit to the City... you provided extremely helpful expertise... pertinent to protecting the City's interests."

John Burg, Chief Planner, City of Sarasota, FL

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