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“Without question, you were an instrumental member of our team, integrating the many complex physical, permitting, legal, and community issues along with the real estate and financial issues helping us to fully understand options and strategize implementation...”

James Shanley, Chair

Newburyport Redevelopment Authority

"Thank you for the expertise and diligence you provided in bringing the Committee, the City and the developer together in a complex set of discussions to negotiate a framework for successful development of this vital downtown waterfront site. Your expertise in real estate and public-private development assisted our citizens advisory committee and the City to: ground our effort in development realities; negotiate a deal to maximize fulfillment of the community's vision; and safeguard the City from pitfalls not always readily apparent. In a highly sensitive public process, you expertly assisted the Committee and public officials with diverse backgrounds and concerns to understand complex technical real estate development concepts, helping us all to reach agreement and approval of the development plan."

Jack Mettee, Chairman, Cochecho Waterfront Development Advisory Committee, Dover, NH


Analysis and Strategic Planning for Development and Redevelopment

Abramson helps clients understand opportunities and how to realize them by:

  • Evaluating development capacity, market and financial feasibility, highest and best use, fiscal impacts and cost-benefit

  • Targeting development and market opportunities and strategizing programming and pricing for existing and developmental/value enhancement properties

  • Creative and realistic strategies for individual properties and area redevelopment integrating an understanding of both real estate fundamentals and planning and community concerns.

Assistance in implementing public-private development includes:

Disposition – Abramson facilitates property dispositions maximizing clients’ realization of targeted use, ongoing control and financial benefit by means of:​​

  • Opportunity evaluation to understand development potential and improve marketability

  • Marketing, including formulation of optimum RFP process and solicitation packaging, developer targeting and outreach support

  • Proposal evaluation to clarify financial and other benefits, costs, risks, likelihood, timing, and prerequisites of alternative developers, projects, contracting arrangements and financial terms, providing a sound basis for selection and negotiation, and

  • Transaction structuring/negotiation of land leases, staged land sales, development agreements and other arrangements that leverage the distinct objectives and perspectives of the public and private transaction partners to maximize realization of public benefit while allowing sufficient incentive for developer implementation

Financing – Services span identifying, evaluating and structuring the public assistance tools most appropriate for specific projects and understanding their financial and other implications for project realization.

Exactions – Abramson can assist clients in determining exactions to apply to development that achieve a balance of leveraging public benefit while not “killing the goose…”.

Abramson can assist clients in evaluating acquisition opportunities, negotiating transactions and coordinating other due diligence, including team-building, and evaluation, strategy, exploration, packaging and coordination for financing, marketing, design/construction, public approvals and community coordination. 

Abramson provides evaluations, strategies and implementations integrating an understanding of market and financial feasibility, marketing, financing, transaction structuring and the development process with a sensitivity to the planning, policy and organizational considerations that shape decision-making processes of nonprofit entities. 

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